AR-3001 NEW Chemistry Analyzer

Experience cutting-edge technology with the NEW Chemistry Analyzer AR-3001. Engineered for accuracy and efficiency, this analyzer delivers precise results for a wide range of chemistry assays. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it ensures reliable performance in laboratory settings. Stay ahead with the NEW Chemistry Analyzer AR-3001 – your trusted solution for high-quality chemistry analysis.


AR-3001 NEW Chemistry Analyzer


  1. 5 inch Color LCD , Touch screen
  2. Flow cell and Cuvette test mode compatible
  3. Real time curve showing
  4. 5 wavelength , 80 test item pre-programmed
  5. Memory for 10,000 sample results
  6. Light source hibernate function making lamp life longer
  7. RS232 interface, PC connecting

Technical Specifications

Test mode Kinetic, End point, Two point, Absorbance
Wavelength 5 standard filters, 340, 405, 505, 546, 630 nm, 3 free position
Wavelength precision ±2 nm, width ≤ 10nm
Absorbance range 0~4.500 Abs
Absorbance precision outside 0.0001 Abs , inside 0.00001 Abs
carry over < 1%
Repeatability CV < 1%
Incubator 37°C、30°C、25°C、Precision : ±0.1°C
Sample volume 0~3000 uL (≥500uL recommend)
Data Storage ≥10000
Quality control curve X-bar、SD、CV%、L-J quality control curve for every test item
Flow cell 32uL quartz glass, 10 mm
Lamp Philips 6V 10W Halogen Lamp with long life
Screen 5 inches color LCD, Touch screen
CPU ARM series high speed micro CPU
Printer Internal thermal sensitive printer
Interface RS-232
Work Environment Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C, Humidity: ≤80%
Power supply 100~240VAC,50-60Hz,100VA
Dimension 340(L)*270(W)*160(H)
Weight 5 kg

Usual test list

Liver function ALT  AST  ALP  T-BIL  D-BIL  TP  ALB  TTT  CHE  Nh3
Renal function BUN  CRE  UA  URE  CO2-CP  γ-GT
Lipids T-CHO  TG  HDL-C  LDL-C
Cardiac function CK  CK-MB  LDH
Immune proteins IGA  IGG  IGM  C3
Others GLU  HGB  AMS

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