Extracorporeal circulation blood line

Enhance your extracorporeal circulation with our Blood Line System. Engineered for reliability and precision, this product ensures optimal blood flow during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures. With its advanced design and quality materials, it provides consistent performance and safety in cardiac surgery. Elevate your surgical outcomes with our Blood Line System, your trusted solution for superior extracorporeal circulation.


Extracorporeal circulation blood line


-The extracorporeal circulation blood line work with the dialysis machine

-The extracorporeal circulation blood line applies with different brands of haemodialysis machine such as Fresenius, Gambro, Braun etc.

-Needle: Choose good quality needle can be effective in reducing pain, convenient heath care worker to operate, saving time and more efficient.

Exploring Extracorporeal Circulation Blood Lines:

  • Understanding ECC Procedures: Familiarize yourself with the purpose and types of ECC procedures where blood lines are used.
  • Compatibility Considerations: Ensure your chosen blood line is compatible with your specific ECC system and procedures.
  • Material and Functionality: Research different blood line materials (e.g., polyurethane, PVC) and functionalities (e.g., single-lumen, double-lumen) to match your specific needs.
  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance: Prioritize products that meet relevant safety standards and regulatory requirements for your region.

Trusted Resources:

  • Equipment Manufacturers: Consult your ECC system manufacturer for recommended or compatible blood lines.
  • Medical Distributors: Connect with reputable medical distributors who can provide guidance based on your specific requirements and equipment compatibility.
  • Professional Associations and Regulatory Bodies: Refer to relevant professional associations and regulatory bodies for updated information on safety standards and best practices.

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