BD05 Baby Bed

Introducing the Baby Bed BD05: the ideal choice for infants in healthcare settings. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this baby bed provides a safe and cozy sleeping environment for newborns and infants. With features designed to enhance comfort and security, such as sturdy construction and adjustable height options, the Baby Bed BD05 ensures peace of mind for caregivers and optimal rest for babies. Choose the Baby Bed BD05 for exceptional comfort and safety for your youngest patients.


Baby Bed BD05

Product Description

1.     Full stainless steel frame.

2.     Four small flexible casters,can be braked respectively and without noise.

3.     Collapsible stainless steel side rail


Product Parameters

1.     Overall size: L750*W450*H970(610)mm

2.     Inside size of mattress base:L700*W390*50mm


Optional Accessory

Bedside Cabinet

Nurture Tiny Patients with the BD05 Baby Bed:

  • Understanding Hospital Baby Beds: Explore the importance of specialized beds like the BD05, designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment for newborns during their initial hospital stay.
  • Promoting Comfort and Well-being: Consider features of the BD05 that encourage restful sleep and a sense of security for newborns, potentially contributing to their overall well-being (e.g., comfortable mattress, size appropriate for newborns).
  • Safety Features for Peace of Mind: Explore the BD05’s safety features like secure sides and breathable materials, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for newborns and offering peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

Benefits for Healthcare Facilities:

  • Enhanced Patient Care: The BD05’s focus on comfort and safety can contribute to a more positive experience for newborns and their families during a crucial time.
  • Streamlined Care Delivery: Features like easy access points may allow for smoother care delivery by medical professionals.
  • Promoting Positive Associations with Healthcare: A comfortable and nurturing environment can contribute to a more positive first experience with healthcare for newborns and their families.

Explore Options for Hospital Baby Beds:

  • Connect with medical equipment suppliers or distributors: They can offer guidance on various hospital baby bed options tailored to your facility’s needs and newborn care protocols.
  • Focus on Safety and Nurturing Environment: When considering hospital baby beds, prioritize features that ensure a safe and calming environment that promotes well-being for newborns.
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