AM-3368AM Automated Microtome

Revolutionize your histological workflow with the Automated Microtome AM-3368AM. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this automated microtome streamlines tissue sectioning processes. With advanced automation features and precise cutting technology, it ensures accurate and consistent sectioning of tissue samples. Elevate your laboratory standards with the AM-3368AM Automated Microtome – your trusted solution for high-throughput and high-quality histology work


Automated Microtome AM-3368AM


This model is developed based on semi-automatic microtome, it combines advanced and patented technology, and it’s very good choice for histopathology research. This model adopts streamline design, advanced function, stable performance, user-friendly. Specimen feed drive is controlled by intelligent control system. Manual and automated sectioning mode. Speed of sectioning can be adjusted; emergency Stop (E-stop). Precise electrical mechanical design, Ergonomic concept.


-Advanced driving systems, functions of section, trimming, fast forward, backward etc.

-LCD screen shows section and trimming thickness range, numbers of section and trimming

-Section and trimming mode can be finished by controlling systems

-Hand wheel can be locked at any position to assure user’s safety

-Large waste tray, easy to unload

-Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp; emergency stop systems

-Manual or fully automated section mode

-Fully-automated section has two modes: single and continuous; speed of section can be adjusted

-Section and trimming mode can be exchanged easily

-Emergency stop system, overload protection function, sleep mode protection

-Emergency brake system

Technical Specifications

-Section thickness range: 0.5~100μm

0.5~2μm: increment 0.5μm

2~10μm: increment 1μm

10~20μm: increment 2μm

20~100μm: increment 5μm

-Trimming thickness range: 1~600μm

1~10μm: increment 1μm

10~20μm: increment 2μm

20~100μm: increment 10μm

100~600μm: increment 50μm

-Minimum setting value: 0.5μm

-Object feed: 28mm

-Vertical stroke: 60mm

-Specimen retraction range: 20μm

-Specimen clamp rotated at an angle of 360 degrees.

-Maximum specimen size: 50 x 50mm

-Precision error: ±5%

-Working Voltage: AC220V 50Hz; AC110V 60Hz

-Power Draw: 150VA

-Dimension: 580x360x310mm

-Net weight: 35kg

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